Former Republican Congressman Scott McInnis Endorses Jeff Hurd for U.S. Congress

Today, Former Republican Congressman Scott McInnis endorsed Jeff Hurd in his campaign for U.S. Congress in Colorado’s third congressional district. “Having had the honor to serve our District as your Congressman, Lori and I care deeply about the Leadership we have in Washington. Our district is special, Our Nation is special and as such this requires a strong leader to best serve the wonderful people of this District. We are energetically endorsing Jeff Herd to represent us. This race will not be determined by a monied candidate from Aspen instead it will be driven by the factor of Leadership. Jeff brings experienced knowledge of the issues of the 3rd, he is not new to the District or to the challenges we face. His leadership is anchored by Integrity, by his drive for common sense solutions, by his vision for all of our futures, by his passion to stand for our side of the Mountains. Within weeks, Jeff’s entry into the race has generated excitement and momentum from the everyday folks of our district. Money didn’t buy that and Money will not buy this seat. Leadership will, it is what we need and it is what we will get with Jeff. Lori and I are proud to endorse Jeff Hurd.” – Former Republican Congressman Scott McInnis

Jeff Hurd said, “Scott McInnis began serving in Congress the same year I started at Grand Junction High School. To now follow in his path of service to this district means so much to me.”

“Scott set a high standard for leadership and commitment. I am guided by the example he and his wife Lori have set, and will work hard to serve with the same unwavering dedication to this district.”