The Daily Sentinel: Delta County commissioner endorses Hurd over Boebert for 3rd CDr

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A third Western Slope Republican county commissioner has announced support for Grand Junction attorney Jeff Hurd.

In endorsing Hurd, Suppes cited the close results of the 2022 General Election, in which Boebert only narrowly defeated her Democratic opponent Adam Frisch.

“Here’s the things I’m looking at … No. 1, she won that election by just over 500 votes in a district that’s probably a Republican-plus-9 (percent). That’s scary enough in its own right. Now with the latest incident, those are supporters that’s never coming back,” Suppes said in the Daily Press article. “We’ve gotta think about the future. We’ve got far too much at stake here in Western Colorado to not have a representative that will give her full attention to what we need.”

In mentioning a number of issues Suppes went on to say he believes Hurd is best candidate for the Republican party.

“I’m endorsing Jeff Hurd because he’s got the background to do it. He’s got the education to do it. He’s a Grand Junction boy who graduated from Grand Junction High School and I feel like he’s our best hope to retain the seat.”

There has been a backlash against Boebert, the two-term incumbent, since her antics at the at the Buell Theatre in Denver that drew national headlines.

It was those antics, that included vaping, being loud and groping with her date in the theater, that have swayed three Western Slope county commissioners to shift support from Boebert to Hurd over the past two weeks.

“I felt like she had made steps in the right direction in the last year in trying to change her brand a little bit. She was starting to grow into the position. The people in the 3rd Congressional District need to know that they are her primary focus. When you have extracurricular activities that go on and that takes the focus off the district then that’s a problem,” Suppes said in the article.

Mesa County commissioners Cody Davis and Bobbie Daniel both came out against Boebert after the theater incident and endorsed Hurd for the GOP primary.

Candidates challenging Boebert in next year’s GOP primary are Hurd, Delta real estate agent Curtis McCrakin and Glenwood Springs resident Russ Andrews.